The Mary S (II)

The Mary S and The Mary S II were fishing vessels based in Dunkirk, New York for many years.  The former boat used a gill net and the latter used a trap net.  They were named after the wives of its two owners, Stanley Stuczynski (wife Mary Stuczynski) and someone with the surname Skrzypek (wife Mary Skrzypek).

My father remembers The Mary S going into service in the late 40s or early 50s, always as a fishing boat, using gill net. Later came her sister boats, the Mary S II (using a trap net) and the Margaret Ann.  However, Captain Don Barber, a newer resident of the area, heard from locals that they were originally in service as transports for supplies between the docks and freighliners.

Either way, I have not seen the Mary S for years, as someone said it moved to somewhere else in the great lakes. However, the Mary S II (and sometimes the Margaret Ann) until a few years back was often found at dock at the pier at the end of Central Avenue in Dunkirk, NY.  I usually find he Margaret Ann up on drydock by the bait shop.

Specifications and History


254036 A / 53 ft. x 15 ft. / steel hulled fish tug
built at Erie, PA in 1947 by J.W. Nolan Sons.

  • 1947-1960: Stanley Stucznski, Dunkirk, NY
  • 1960-1961: Dunkirk Fish Co.
  • 1961-1967: Norman Casey, Oscoda, MI
  • 1967-1970: Everett Reed, Oconto, WI
    renamed BOUNTY
  • 1979-?: Schilling Fish Co., Oconto, WI
    renamed ART SWAER IV


Boat Owner (Managing owner of the vessel) SCHILLING FISH CO INC
Flag (United States)
Service Type (General use of the vessel) Commercial Fishing Vessel
Boat’s Length 50.5 ft
Boat’s Gross Tons 14
Boat’s Net Tons 10
Vessel Build Year 1947
Vessel Hull Build Location ERIE PA UNITED STATES
Ship Yard J.W. NOLAN & SONS
Ship Builder J.W. NOLAN & SONS
Hull Material Steel
Hull Configuration UNSPECIFIED
Self-Propelled Indicator (If a vessel is propelled by sail and machinery, it is considered self propelled) YES